Makeup Artist Risabae Did A Cover Makeup Of IU From Hotel Del Luna And The Result Is Surprising

Makeup Artist Risabae Did A Cover Makeup Of IU From Hotel Del Luna And The Result Is Surprising

If you are a big fan of K-drama, you have probably done watching the 16-episode drama – Hotel Del Luna, starring IU and Yeo Jin Goo.

Besides the amazing storyline, we are amazed by the CEO of Hotel Del Luna – Jang Manwol’s glamorous outfits, makeup, jewelry, nails and hairstyles, which is cast by IU. To dress like Jang Manwol is not an easy task (and it might costs you a lot), but you can start by copying her makeup!


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The Korean beauty YouTuber – Risabae (@risabae_art) did a makeup tutorial of Jang Manwol, and her video is going viral! With her amazing makeup tips and skills, Risabae even adds IU’s beauty mark on her face. The viewers can’t believe what they are seeing because they look exactly the same!

Risabae is transforming into this look of IU. Keep your eyes wide open, they are not the same person!

Source: Pinterest


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We swear, this cover makeup is something many of you want to try out. All the beauty products used in the video are able to find on the market too! If you are trying to transform into IU or want to look like her, this tutorial helps a lot.

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