Ask Team #PopDaily: How To Freshen Up Your Ootd With 2019’s Top 8 Fashion Trends

Hey, you. Stop wearing t-shirt and shorts. Time to update your wardrobe with something interesting and trendy. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.


While we don’t get to attend fashion weeks, doesn’t mean that we couldn’t get the fashion trends memo. Just a quick scroll through Instagram, the streets already display not only the future but what’s on trend right now. Here, we’ve rounded up fashion trends of 2019 and how you can style them to freshen up your #OOTD.


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Leave your off-shoulder behind because the asymmetric neckline is back and having its moment. It’s the slanted-one-shoulder to feature your collarbone, neck and shoulder.



Plaid, it’s you again. From everyone’s off-duty favourite to one of the most stylish statements for both office and date nights looks. And we think that plaid blazer is a wardrobe essential everyone should own.

Or do it plaid on plaid.



You have no idea why everyone is wearing bike shorts all of a sudden. Not only a gym staple, style it with an oversized blazer to create an office look. Or we call it, business casual.



Roar power vibbin’. It’s shocking but true that animal print is headlining in the fashion chain. Leopard spots, snake skins, zebra stripes and more, they have become the new trend that has flooded our Instagram feed.



Wearing neon is a head-turner. Imagine if you wear it from head-to-toe, how can people not looking at you? Or if you think it’s too much, do it with a set of neutrals and pops of neon.



The puffier the better! Dramatic and voluminous are best to describe the statement sleeves.

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One of the biggest trends right now. Never underestimate the power of bucket hats. It makes your outfits look more stylish and complete.

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When it comes to 2019’s biggest trend, how can we miss out the square-toe shoes? If you haven’t tried it yet, you gotta be quick before it becomes mainstream!

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