What’s Old Is New Again, Everyone Is Wearing “The Ugly Shorts” And Dressing Like Dads

Trend report! Fashion trends come and go and what’s old is new again. But obviously, fashion is still obsessed with dressing like a cool dad. Remember we have dad sneakers last year? Now we have this thing call “dad shorts”.


Also known as “Bermuda shorts”, with knee-length silhouette and give off major retro vibes. Some of them named it as “The ugly shorts”, but obviously everyone is wearing it on the street. We are showing you how to style this thing and want you to jump on this trend wagon too!

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Blazer + Heels / Sneakers

The easiest formula to style dad shorts. They can be dressed up with an oversize or fit blazer and heels, or down with your favourite sneakers for the weekends look.

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Statement Piece / Pop Of Colours + Dad Shorts

You will never go wrong with a set of neutrals and a statement piece, or add some colours. It’s all about proportions and balance.

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Denim On Denim

Since your dad shorts are in denim jeans material already, why not making it double denim? Team it with a denim jacket with a similar wash. Style with heels for a stylish look, or sneakers and high socks for a sporty look.

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Bermuda Shorts

Slightly different with dad shorts, Bermuda shorts have a baggy silhouette and styling Bermuda shorts is easier than you’d think.

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Or, in leather material.


Agree with it or not, fashion is all about going for whatever makes you happy and comfortable. We highly encourage you to test out the look! Show us your #ootd on Instagram maybe?

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