The Famous Fashion Blogger, Aimee Song Shows You 9 Fresh Ways To Style A White Shirt

The Famous Fashion Blogger, Aimee Song Shows You 9 Fresh Ways To Style A White Shirt

When we are required to dress “formal”, the white button-down shirt most probably the first fashion piece that pops into our head. Undeniable, white button-down shirts have become one of the wardrobe staples. They look so dressy and presentable even when you are in a rush in the mornings.


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One fun thing about the white button-downs is, they are great for both workplace and casual weekend hangouts. If you have been repeating on wearing it with a tight skirt or denim jeans, you need some inspirations from Aimee Song, the famous fashion blogger who currently has around 5millons of followers on Instagram. Through her YouTube video series called Style By Number, she shows you 9 ways to wear a white shirt. Keep your eyes wide open, because the ways she styled it are amazing, surprising, fresh, and we are amazed!



The first outfit is the classic one, you’ve probably worn it in the same way too. Aimee styles the white button-down shirt with her slightly high-waist go-to denim and a pair of pumps.

Source: [email protected] Of Style

Also, she styles with a scarf by tying it around the neck to make it more fun and have some colours. Source: [email protected] Of Style


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When the weather turns colder, layer your white button-down shirt with a nice chunky sweater.

Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style

To pull off the whole look, don’t forget to pull out those sleeves.Source: [email protected] Of Style



Yes, don’t be too surprising. The white button-down shirt can be worn to the party, officially shown by Aimee. She pairs it with a ruffle skirt and bow sandals.Source: [email protected] Of Style

To have a cleaner look, she tied up her hair and wears a pair of gold earrings.Source: [email protected] Of Style


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Aimee layers the white shirt over a silk slip dress with simple high heel sandals to create an elegant look. To make the whole outfits look more complete, wear a hat and a bucket bag which is designed in a cylindrical silhouette.Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style



Think different. Wear your shirt backward with a denim skirt by buttoning them asymmetrically.Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style

Tuck it inside your skirt and you are done!Source: [email protected] Of Style


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Styling a white shirt with a pair of denim overalls is easy and quick. But, the key to this look is about the cups. Look how Aimee folds the pants first on the side towards the ankle to make it looks more tapered. A new styling trick learned!Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style



A white-on-white look is the perfect go-to outfit for summer! With a pair of white denim jeans, just tie your shirt to show off some skin and that’s it.Source: [email protected] Of Style

Also, to avoid looking too simple or “colourless”, accessorize with layering gold necklaces and a mini backpack, you’ll be ready to go!Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style



This is the most surprising one. Aimee transforms her shirt into a bustier by not putting on the sleeves, but just simply tying the sleeves around her chest.Source: [email protected] Of StyleSource: [email protected] Of Style


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Aimee wears the white button-down slightly asymmetrical by showing one side of her shoulder.Source: [email protected] Of Style


Here’s the full video of Aimee Song’s 9 ways to wear a white shirt:

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