People & Outfits: Brittany Xavier, The Way She Styles The Blazer Is A Key Trick To Know

People & Outfits: Brittany Xavier, The Way She Styles The Blazer Is A Key Trick To Know

It’s not a secret anymore, it’s official! If you think that styling a blazer is boring and it’s only for the formal occasions, you probably live in the past decades. From the office-wear to the off-duty outfit, we have been spotting almost every fashion girl wearing a blazer with different prints, fabrics, silhouettes, and colours.


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Today, we are going to introduce a fashion influencer @brittanyxavier.  She has the coolest, versatile, comfortable and edgy style. The ways she styles the blazer are creative and fresh, and they are literally something you want to copy and paste on your daily outfits. Go on if you need some inspirations on how to style a blazer!



All you need is a simple white tee (or cropped tee), a pair of denim jeans or shorts, and your comfortable pairs of sneakers. In addition, play with accessories like layered necklaces, statement rings, and sunglasses.

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Obviously, Brittany Xavier knows how to play the game. She styles the traditional black blazer with bike shorts and dad shorts which are one of the most trending fashion pieces this season and everything is on point!

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Whether you are a boss or not, act like you are one with dressing up professionally.

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The hottest prints right now! You either dress a plaid blazer like how it should be or do it plaid on plaid.



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Trust it or not, the blazer will be your new obsession. For the beginner, we suggest you to start styling your blazer from keeping everything simple and basic, which is a key trick shown by Brittany Xavier to look cool and fashion-forward! We can’t wait to see your #OOTD!


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