Makeup Products From Kylie Cosmetics You Need To Add To Your Cart

Kylie Jenner and her makeup line – Kylie Cosmetics, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In the year 2015, Kylie Jenner first launched her Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, which made her the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 21.

Couldn’t deny that Kylie Cosmetics has taken the beauty world by storm. Just a few weeks ago, she launched a money-themed makeup collection in honour of her 22nd birthday. Featuring eyeliner, face powder, body-glow powder, highlighter, primer and more.


Not sure what’s good to purchase from Kylie Cosmetics? We guide you, let’s start from the latest birthday collection.


Trio pack. They are all packaged in a money-print container. You can buy them individually but you won’t get the money roll packaging. Described by the brand, the matte lipstick is a smooth and creamy formula that provides full coverage for an ultra-pigmented lip.

It comes with #HustleHoney, which is a mid-tone pink ; #MamaBoss, vibrant hot pink and #MoneyMindset, a pale peachy pink.



It’s a weightless and ultra-fine powder that blends right into your skin without looking cakey and create a pore-less look. Also it has avocado extracts to moisturize your skin.Source: Kylie Cosmetics’s Official Website



This primer just creates a perfect base for your makeup. It’s very lightweight and hydrating, which means your skin is breathable. This face primer also makes your makeup stays on throughout the day. Most importantly, it works on every skin type.


Now, the products below are from the past collection.



If you haven’t find the perfect concealer, maybe you can give this a try and I bet it will be your favourite! 30 shades of them, ranging from fair to light, medium, tan, deep and deep dark. Lightweight, buildable and has medium coverage. Perfect for spot concealing, hiding imperfections and brightening dark circles under the eyes.



With a total of 9 shades, they are all pressed powder shadows that are medium buildable coverage. Creamy, amazingly pigmented and range from warm browns to gorgeous burgundy and orange shades.



The lip kit collection is love! A secret weapon to create the perfect “kylie lip”. Each lip kit contains one matte liquid lipstick and one pencil lip liner. It glides on the lip so well and smoothly. Super matte, so make sure you did moisturize your lip before you apply it. If not, the liquid lipstick dries up so quick until all the tiny wrinkles on the lip become so visible.

We personally recommend you the shade #KYLIE, which is a soft dusty nude to create a natural daily look.

#CANDY-K, a warm pinky nude. Perfect for both a day and night look.

#KOKO-K, pale pink.


There are too much you need to try from Kylie Cosmetics, like the highlighters, blush, eye shadow palettes, eyeliner, setting spray and more. So, are you a big fan of Kylie Cosmetics already? Because we are, and we are ready to check out!


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