5 Online Fashion Stores In Malaysia That Will Dress You Like A Korean

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, online shopping and Korean fashion have become a phenomenon. Without the big crowds, long lines to check out, we get to lay on the bed and shop in our comfortable pajama. Tell me who doesn’t love it?


Unlike going to a mall that carries a selected range, the variety of online fashion stores in Malaysia is expanding each year so everyone won’t be wearing the same piece on the streets. With hundreds of online stores at the market in Malaysia, we filtered out 5 of them with huge Korean aesthetic. Don’t worry, they are all affordable, reliable and trustable, which we approved. Continue reading if you are big fans of Korean style!


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Shoploooh is an online store founded in 2013 in Batu Pahat, Johor. With a great amount of care went into every single detail, “do small things with great love” is their brand concept. They bring simple, casual yet fashionable wear for every girl at an affordable price. From accessories, inner-wear, basic item, statement piece, shoes to bags, they have a price range from RM19 to RM169, and free shipping for orders that exceed RM100 throughout Malaysia. On a side note, they have a retail store located in Batu Pahat, feel free to drop by.


White tee over the Shoploooh’s check mini dress, just like how the Koreans do it.


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Shoploooh from head-to-toe, mustard green knit top + flared denim jeans.


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Versatile is best to describe Shoploooh’s leather bag in sweet beige.


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Full tuck your T-shirt in your favourite denim shorts, the perfect outfit for Sundays, featuring #ShoplooohT series.




“Be unique, be queens” – Uniqueens founded in 2011. With the support of customers, they have evolved into an established online fashion store with their own range of manufactured pieces. They have an HQ office in Penang and a retail store at Butterworth. Just a quick scroll through their official’s website, fashion pieces from Uniqueens bring the major Korean-style-vibes off. And get your free shipping for every two items and above within Malaysia!


Two is better than one. Dolled up with Uniqueens’s polka dots dress.


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Double denim will never get you wrong.


Haven’t you found a bag for summer vacations? This is the one.


Also one of the biggest colours of 2019, avocado green.




An online platform that promotes styles that brings you comfort with an affordable pricing range, Nineteen89 has operated since 2013 and based in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Besides they have a wide range of fashion items, they provide free shipping within Malaysia too. Online shopping without paying the shipping fees? It’s a yes!


To style like a Korean, add some bright colours to your wardrobe. Look at how eye-catching and outstanding is this Lyla romper dress in bright orange from Nineteen89.


Good Times t-shirt + patrick shorts, full set from Nineteen89. Team up with a baseball cap or bucket hat, throw a pair of sneakers and you are done!


Look how Nineteen89 introduces 5 ways to wear their Be Brave t-shirt.


T-shirt and denim jeans are too boring? Add an oversized blazer to freshen up your ootd.




“Be signature, be yourself.” Most pieces from Signature Truck were brought back from Thailand, which is a fashion kingdom too. Floral pieces, knitted cardigan, boiler suits, ruffles, off-shoulder items and more fashion trends are all available in Signature Truck. On a side note, they do not provide a return or exchange service.


When you are running late in the morning, just throw a dress in pastel green and a pair of sandals, and you’ll be good to go.


Square-neck top which features your collarbones and gives you an extra feminine silhouette, best for outdoor picnic.


Khaki boiler suit in a shorter version, outfit for the no-brainer, just when you don’t want to think about getting dressed.


If you don’t have any fashion items in avocado green inside your wardrobe, you seriously need to get one.




Founded in 2011, Arimee started operations with the aim of sharing the passion in fashion. By scrolling through their official’s site, you can see most items in pastel and soft colours, polka dots, wide-leg bottoms and more pieces with huge K-fashion vibes.


Matching suit to create a more polished look.

The polka dots midi skirt is such a statement piece and very appropriate for the office.

A dress in clean tailoring, a little pleat, puffy shoulders and in bright orange. Tell me what’s the reason for not wearing this?

Pastel everything.


Sick of those fast-fashion big brands already? We swear, there’s no turning back once you’ve started online shopping from these online boutiques, especially if you love Korean style. Happy shopping!


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